The crew from Atlas Home Solutions responded quickly to provide an estimate for our roof damage. The roof was fixed in no time. It looks great and has held up with the extreme winds we’ve experienced lately. Thank you Atlas Home Solutions!

Tracy P.

We had some ridge shingles come off our roof during the last wind storm a week ago. We contacted our insurance company and the referred us to Atlas. We called John at Atlas the very same day and he came out to assess our roof damage on his way to a job site. He covered the roof temporarily with tarp to prevent water damage and rescheduled for install when the materials arrived. Today John came out and fixed the area of the roof in about 30 minutes and it looks great. I will definitely use Atlas for future roofing projects.

Hyun K.

My wife and I were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and quality of work shown by the folks from Atlas who installed our new roof. John Conlon was very thorough and paid attention to detail when he described how his crew would approach the job. The timeliness [ took only one day ] , to tear off the old roof and replace it with a brand new roof, was done efficiently and without any damage to exterior landscaping and/or structure. Also impressive was the cleanup done by the crew prior to leaving the site. The crew itself was efficient and obviously , well-trained. They worked hard , rarely stopping to eat or drink. I would strongly recommend Atlas Home Solutions to anyone planning to remodel or make home improvements to their residence in the future!

John H.

The highest praise a client can give is to provide a referral. I am happily doing this for Atlas Home Solutions. John Conlon and his team were all professional in their approach to helping us with a new roof. No pressure, all questions answered by John and everything spelled out in black and white before we began. John met with us several times and even set up an appointment with our home appraiser to look at the roofing damage. His crew showed up on time , completed the job in one day and did a through clean up as well. Please consider Atlas for your next roof.

Tim W.